White Fillings Give Your Teeth A Natural Look

White fillings in Ann Arbor, MI are a versatile, affordable, and effective solution for people who want natural-looking teeth. At Walcott Dental, Dr. Wayne Walcott and Dr. Brett Walcott offer fillings and other cosmetic dentistry services for patients who want to restore the natural, healthy look of their smile.

Exploring Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are a minimally invasive procedure that " fills in" a part of a tooth that's lost some or all of its natural structure. White fillings in Ann Arbor, MI restore the strength, structure, and bite balance of your teeth.

In many cases, the doctors at Walcott Dental use fillings to restore teeth after treatment for cavities. Although you can choose to have your teeth filled with a metal-based filling, white filling looks more natural because it's made from composite resin.

Advantages of White Fillings

Over the years, white fillings have gained in popularity among dental patients. Here are a few reasons why many people now prefer white fillings over metal-based fillings:

  • Made to match the natural look of teeth
  • Bond to teeth, restores original strength
  • Increased durability – material doesn't expand and contract like metal fillings
  • Less sensitivity to hot and cold
  • Much safer than metal fillings

Restores Your Smile's Natural Look

One of the biggest benefits is that dentists can "shade match" your white fillings. So, the doctors can blend the fillings in with the natural color of your surrounding teeth. Also, once the fillings harden, the doctors will polish the composite resin to restore your teeth and your smile's natural appearance.

How Do the Doctors Place the Fillings?

Fortunately, placing the fillings is an easy, comfortable procedure. Once the doctors restore your teeth after a cavity or other treatment, they will clean and sanitize the affected area, and then they will use an etching material and place it directly into your teeth. Once the material hardens, it will bond your teeth.

As an added benefit, composite resin fillings don’t require the doctors to remove any healthy tooth material to shape your teeth (which is often needed with metal fillings). The composite resin forms a mechanical and physical bond between your teeth – and ultimately leads to a long-lasting, natural-looking smile.

At Walcott Dental, both Dr. Walcotts and their team are ready to restore your natural smile using white fillings in Ann Arbor, MI. Call (734) 994-3700 today to learn more about white fillings and other available cosmetic dentistry procedures.  

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