The Benefits of White Fillings

Find out how composite resin fillings are used to treat cavities.

Our dentists Drs. Wayne & Brett Walcott see cavities more often than we would ever like to. Most Americans will deal with decay at some point during their lifetime. If you’re dealing with a cavity, our Ann Arbor, MI, team offers white fillings to restore and rebuild teeth after decay. The benefits of getting white or tooth-colored fillings include,

Blends in With Teeth

One of the benefits of getting white fillings from our Ann Arbor, MI, family dentists is that they are designed to match the color of your tooth so that they aren’t visible once placed. We know how important it is for our patients to get restorations that look as close to real enamel and teeth as possible and white fillings offer just that.

Less Chance for Sensitivity

If you are prone to tooth sensitivity to hot or cold you’ll be relieved to know that white fillings are less likely to cause sensitivity. This is because the material that we use, composite resin, doesn’t conduct heat as fast as metal amalgam does, so you’re less likely to experience a zinging or zapping feeling every time you sip a hot cup of coffee or enjoy ice cream.

They are Safe

At this point, we recognize that metal amalgam fillings and other restorations contain trace amounts of mercury, which can lead to some serious and unpleasant health problems over the years. We believe that dental restorations should not just preserve your smile but also protect your health. White fillings are completely safe, mercury-free, and biocompatible.

They Require Less Enamel Removal

Metal fillings require us to remove more of the tooth’s structure, including some healthy enamel, to make room for the amalgam restoration; however, because composite resin fillings are bonded directly to the tooth we can preserve more of the tooth’s natural structure, which keeps it stronger and less susceptible to wear over the years.

Our Ann Arbor, MI, dental team prides itself on providing strong, long-lasting white fillings and other realistic dental restorations that can help to protect and restore your smile when decay and other damage occur. To sit down with our team to discuss your treatment options, call (734) 994-3700 today.

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