Should I Consider Invisible Aligner Therapy: Invisalign or Clear Correct?

Orthodontic problems affect people of all ages. While treatment is most common between the ages of 9 and 14, when the teeth and invisible bracesbones in the jaw are still developing and therefore easier to realign, it's never too late. However, many older teenagers and adults can be understandably reluctant to consider traditional metallic braces due to cosmetic and social concerns about how they will affect their appearance and quality of life. With the development of Invisalign and Clear Correct, dentists and orthodontists can offer older patients the orthodontic treatment they need, without the metal and wires.

Invisalign or Clear Correct in Ann Arbor, MI

Invisalign or Clear Correct consists of a series of custom designed, clear trays that gradually shift the teeth into alignment, much like traditional wire braces. Unlike braces, they are made of high-quality plastic, making them virtually invisible to the naked eye, and a great alternative to metal. The length of treatment is generally 15 months, depending on the patient. And unlike braces, clear aligner therapy can be removed for up to an hour or two a day, which allows for comfortable eating, brushing, and flossing.

The dentists at Ann Arbor, MI based Walcott Dental recommend Invisalign or Clear Correct for healthy adults and qualified teenagers who are looking for a more discreet way to fix bite problems, crowding, and excessive spacing between the teeth.

  • Have you been putting off orthodontic treatment over concerns about how braces will affect your personal and professional life?
  • Are you worried about giving up the foods you love and maintaining an oral health routine with traditional braces?

If so, Invisalign or Clear Correct may be a good alternative.

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Invisalign or Clear Correct is the ideal solution for adults and qualified teenage patients looking for a discreet, natural looking alternative to traditional metallic braces. For more information, and to find out if you are a good candidate for clear aligners, contact Walcott Dental in Ann Arbor, MI by calling (734) 994-3700 to schedule an appointment for a consultation today.

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