Dental Services You May Benefit From

Dental problems not only make eating painful or uncomfortable but may also affect the way your teeth look. Ann Arbor, MI, dentists, Drs. dental proceduresWayne and Brett Walcott, offer dental services that will improve your smile and may be covered by Delta Dental or other insurers.


Whether your tooth is chipped, discolored or strangely shaped, bonding can improve your appearance. Composite resin, a flexible material that quickly hardens when exposed to a curing light, is used to bond teeth. It's also used to lengthen teeth and fill small gaps between them. Composite resin is tinted to ensure that your new dental work blends in with the color of your teeth.


Crowns are an excellent option if one of your teeth is damaged or in danger of breaking. Crowns, also called caps, fit over the top of teeth once they've been reduced in size slightly. Whether your tooth has become weak due to aging, a root canal or a large filling, a crown offers a simple way to strengthen and support it. If your tooth has broken, adding a crown will restore its appearance and function. Crowns are also used to cover imperfections and lengthen short teeth.

Invisalign or Clear Correct

Invisalign or Clear Correct straightens teeth using a series of clear aligner trays specially designed for you in our Ann Arbor office. This alternative to metal braces offers the same results with none of the pain or inconvenience. The trays are very unobtrusive and are removed when you eat. Swapping aligners for a new set every two weeks gradually shifts the teeth, moving them into the correct position.


Sealants protect molars and pre-molars from tooth decay. The clear coatings cover tiny pits in the surface of teeth that collect plaque. Sealants fill in the pits and help reduce your cavity risk. They're typically used when your child's pre-molars and molars first erupt and may last up to 10 years.

Root canal therapy

An inflammation or infection in your tooth's pulp will lead to tooth loss if you don't have a root canal. The procedure removes the pulp, preserving your tooth. A local anesthetic is used to ensure that the procedure is pain-free.

Protect your smile with one of these dental services. If you're not sure if Delta Dental or another insurer covers a particular service, call Ann Arbor dentists, Drs. Wayne or Brett Walcott, at (734) 994-3700.

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