Developing a Good Oral Care Routine

The foundation of great oral care is having clean teeth. This does not only involve your actual teeth, but also the area where the gums and teeth meet to stop gum disease. You also need to take care of other components of your mouth like your tongue to keep bacteria away. Besides regular visits here at Walcott Dental in Ann Arbor, MI, to consult with our dentists, Dr. Wayne Walcott and Dr. Brett Walcott, you must also do the following things:

Brushing Basics

Building a great oral care routine begins with proper tooth brushing. Basically, this means having:

  1. The Right Toothbrush: Choose soft bristles and a medium-sized toothbrush so it can fit in your mouth to thoroughly clean teeth and gums.
  2. A Brushing Technique: Brush at a slight angle with the bristles focusing on the area between the teeth and gums. Use a circular motion with short back-and-forth movements. Never use too much pressure, and don’t miss the chewing surfaces of the teeth or the tongue.
  3. Clean Brushes: Rinse the toothbrush after every use and allow it to air dry in an upright position. Make sure that toothbrushes are stored separately and individually covered to avoid cross-contamination including prevention of bacteria growth.
  4. Time to Replace: Toothbrushes are not meant to last forever so you need to replace it quarterly or even sooner depending on its actual state.

A Solid Oral Care Routine

Great oral care routines may start with tooth brushing, but it does not end there. You need more to keep your entire mouth healthy. Here are things you can do:

  1. Importance of Fluoride: Dental specialists have established the importance of fluoride in oral health. It is therefore wise to include fluoride toothpaste and even supplements in your oral care routine to further improve the health of your teeth and gums.
  2. Flossing: Great oral care routines should always include flossing. Combining brushing and flossing effectively removes sugar, bacteria, and any other remaining material in your mouth for better hygiene and care.
  3. A Balanced Diet: When it comes to protecting your teeth and gums, the food that you eat plays an important part. This means less sugar and starches to minimize acids that can damage your teeth.

Regular Dental Visits

If you want to build a great oral care routine, then your Ann Arbor, MI, dentist should be a huge part of it. Visiting your dentist at least twice a year for checkups and cleaning allows for proper examination of your mouth. These help to identify other potential threats to your oral health during its early stages so that it can be addressed immediately.

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