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By Wayne E Walcott, DDS, MS & Brett J Walcott, DDS
June 19, 2020
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
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Find out why composite fillings are the most popular way to restore a decaying tooth.

Has our Ann Arbor, MI, dentists Drs. Wayne and Brett Walcott just detected a cavity during your last dental visit? If so, you may be feeling a bit frustrated. Don’t worry; removing a cavity is easy. Of course, once the decayed enamel is removed you may be wondering how your dentist will restore the tooth. After all, you can’t just leave holes in the tooth. This is where a dental filling comes in.

What is a dental filling?

In order to rebuild and strengthen a tooth after decay, our Ann Arbor, MI, general dentists will need to fill those areas of the tooth with a special material. In most cases, a dental filling is made from resin and ceramic, which are highly durable and also match the color and look of real tooth enamel.

What are the benefits of white fillings?

The most obvious benefit is that a white filling is going to blend in with the rest of the tooth so it’s not visible. The purpose of a filling is to look as much like real tooth enamel as possible so that we can fully restore it and also make teeth look healthier and natural. Before placing the resin our dentist will choose the appropriate shade so it blends in.

Another benefit of white fillings that most people don’t even realize is that the filling bonds to the tooth directly. This makes the tooth structurally more sound and stronger. Plus, more of the tooth’s natural structure is preserved when getting white fillings, which also protects the tooth’s overall structural integrity.

By not having to remove as much enamel from the tooth in order to place a white filling we create a long-lasting solution. Thanks to the fact that white fillings are bonded directly to the tooth to create a more dependable seal between the filling and tooth this also lessens the chances that a new cavity may form under the filling.

Have questions about getting a dental filling? Worried that you may have cavities? If so, our Ann Arbor, MI, family dentists can help. Schedule an appointment with our dental team today by calling (734) 994-3700.

By Wayne E Walcott, DDS, MS & Brett J Walcott, DDS
May 02, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures
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If you have teeth weakened by infection or decay, you need to hear about white fillings! Durable enough to withstand daily tooth actions smilesuch as biting and chewing, white fillings blend in with the natural teeth to create an attractive, functional smile! Read on to learn how Drs. Wayne and Brett Walcott, your Ann Arbor dentists, regularly restore their patients' smile with these wonderful restorations!


What are White Fillings?

White fillings are dental fillings made from a blend of plastic resins and silica fillers. These makeup materials give the restorations a natural look that readily blends in with the surrounding natural teeth—something that traditional silver fillings cannot do.

White fillings are set in place in a manner similar to other filling types. Decayed areas are first removed from the affected tooth, after which the interior is cleaned out. Once clean, the white filling material is placed in the tooth and dried with a special light that helps the filling material bond to the tooth. The final result is a fully restored tooth free of decay that can perform biting and chewing functions again!


Advantages of White Fillings

White dental fillings offer several advantages—even on top of their famous ability to blend in with smiles! For instance, they can also preserve more healthy tooth structure than some other types of fillings. This is because, to hold silver amalgam fillings in place, it is sometimes necessary to make several undercuts in a tooth. Making these undercuts means removing healthy tooth structure, which is not necessary with white fillings since the material readily bonds with the tooth as it dries.

Other advantages of white fillings include how they:

  • Discreetly blend in with the natural teeth
  • Strengthen teeth affected by infection or decay
  • Prevent infection or decay from spreading to other areas
  • Restore normal biting and chewing functions in affected teeth
  • Eliminate the risk of exposure to the metals in other types of fillings


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